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Someone just told me some schools are removing swingsets from their playgrounds because children get hurt on them. Uh, duh?! Children get hurt sometimes. Who would’ve thought?! Can we remove the sidewalks since some kids trip over their feet?!

Sarcasm aside, I think that’s really over-the-top. When did this extreme fear of kids getting hurt begin? Yes, kids do get hurt, but most of them get right back up and go play again. I was that sort of kid. If I fell, I got back and went back to playing. Even if my hands were knees were scraped, it hurt, but I knew it’d go away and I forgot about it the minute I was back to playing again.

Maybe it’s just me, but I never knew a kid who was scarred from getting a scrape on the playground. Or even a few of them.

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Tackling education

Author: cracken226

Tackling education’s rich-poor gap

Chris Cook

Geography class

How broad a range of children will primary pupils meet at school?

How broad a range of children will secondary pupils meet at school?

Potential effect on GCSE results of sponsor academies

Poor pupils at schools do much worse than their peers

How do we open up opportunity for England’s poorer children, in particular? Alan Milburn, the social mobility commissioner, has released a report on the topic.

One policy comes up quite often: just last week, the Conservatives announced a new set of measures related to school turnaround.

That is to say, the aggressive processes used to take schools that have got bad results and turn them…

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Author: cracken226

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Schools Encouraged to Teach Sex at 13 as

Author: danielcrane81

Schools Encouraged to Teach Sex at 13 as ‘Normal’


British schoolchildren are being offered sex-education classes that teach that sex acts with their peers as young as 13 should be considered normal. (Christian Concern)

British schools are being recommended a teaching resource suggesting that ‘sex at 13′ is normal, a Parliamentary committee has been told.

Appearing in front of the Education Select Committee on Tuesday, Sarah Carter of theFamily…

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Author: danielcrane81

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Zero Debt Education for College Students

Public Versus Private Schools

Deciding on your child’s education is one of the most important thing that you will do for your child. Choosing which school your child goes to can mean a great potential future for your child or a future that is very cloudy and pessimistic. Therefore choosing which school, either private or public school, can have serious repercussions. Here are some tips to help you make your decision for your child’s future.

1. Private colleges or schools are more expensive

A private school is very expensive compared to a public one. With private education facilities, it can cost you up to $ 10,000 or more a year to provide schooling for your child. This can increase even more if your child is required to do an extra-curricular activity that involves you spending more money on such things as equipment hire or uniform. Public education facilities are generally for free or you may have to pay a small sum.

2. Private education facilities generally have better facilities and equipment

With private education facilities, the facilities and equipment are generally much better quality than public ones. With public schools, you may have to rely on school chairs and tables that are about ten or fifteen years old. With private schools, equipment are generally more new and well looked after.

3. Smaller classroom sizes

Public schools tend to have very large classroom sizes. Private schools tend to be the opposite and have smaller class room sizes. Smaller classroom sizes give students a better education as students are given more attention and care than public ones. Students are also given more one to one interaction which generally gives the student a better education.

4. Entry requirements

Entry requirements are more stricter for private education facilities. In fact, most private schools require students to pass an entry exam for eligibility. Public schools tend to have no entry requirements at all. It is much easier to enter a public education facility than any other private education facility

5. Specialist subjects or programs

Certain schools offer specialist subjects or programs. For instance, most private education facilities offer religious studies such as Christianity, where else publics schools don’t. But, some public schools offer special programs like music or sports programs which are significantly better than any other education facility. Hence, if you want your child to be educated in a certain subject or program, then it is best that you find more further information about the facility your child will enter.

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