Colleges in the US

In United Kingdom, both further education and higher education play the same role as how community colleges in USA do. Further Education in Britain provides broad academic courses while Higher Education provides undergraduate and post-graduate courses. There are many FE and HE universities in this country providing more practical courses being in different field. It may include child care, tourism, design, business management, catering management, hair dressing, mechanics and many more. These courses are offered in many different universities in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom is said to be very popular in terms of having international students that only lags behind United States of America. Four among many universities in United Kingdom is currently having a place on the world’s top ten universities. There are still many universities in UK that are hailed top ranking not just in the said country but in the whole world. University of Cambridge is the third best university in the world. Then universities in United Kingdom are great choices if planning to study for higher education.

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