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The country has varied higher education that depends on its constituent state. Universities in UK offer three years undergraduate degrees but courses in Scotland lasts a year longer. There are also universities that offer undergraduate courses which can be completed for just two years. Vocational-based foundation degree is also offered by some universities in UK which only lasts for one or two years and is alike to the associate’s degree in US. In this country, learners will have to start their higher education by a bachelor’s degree. For some subjects offered, students can enroll on an undergraduate degree that will probably lead into a master’s program. English is said to be the medium of instruction in almost universities in United Kingdom but also includes different programs or languages.

Universities in this country is said to be among top universities in the world having great impact to the country. The top ranked universities situated in United Kingdom are of the following:

  • University of Cambridge – this is the third best university in the world. This university is a collegiate public research university that was founded in 1209. This is said to be the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and also it is the third-oldest surviving university in the world.
  • University of Oxford – this is one among the leading universities in the whole world. It is also a collegiate research university that is located in Oxford, England. It started teaching during 1096 and is known as the oldest university in the English-speaking world. It is also the second-oldest surviving university in the world.
  • University College London – this is the leading multidisciplinary university in the country. It is a public research university situated in London, England. This university is said to be the oldest and the largest constituent college of the federal University of London.
  • Imperial College London – this university is known by providing world class scholarship, research in science, management, engineering, medicine and education. It is also a public research university located in London, United Kingdom. It is on the 10th place globally as top ranking universities in the whole world. The university offers excellent services in higher education.

Those are the top universities in United Kingdom that can be of choice for many students all over the world. Those universities offer high quality of higher education that will surely create excellent students. There will be no wonder that students produced by these universities are said to be globally competitive and academically efficient.

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