Teaching Chemistry

Among many fields in teaching, chemistry is one of it. Teaching chemistry is not a hard thing to do especially those that have the passion on teaching.

Chemistry is a branch of physical science that tackles about the composition, properties, structure and also the change of matter. Chemistry is mainly concerned about atoms and molecules also their transformations and interactions. It is the field for studying the properties of chemical bonds that was formed between atoms thus creating the so called chemical compounds. It is also the study of the involvement of electrons and different forms of energy. Chemistry is also known as the central science for it bridges other natural sciences. Topics in this subject are not quite hard to learn as well as not hard to teach.

There can be many ways on how to teach chemistry not just to your students but also for those individual that are willing to learn the subject. Being a teacher in chemistry will really challenge you. There are many things to be considered first before getting into teaching. Always remember that teaching is a process of imparting knowledge but not definitely the very usual and cliché lecturing. Learners will really find it quite boring if a teacher in chemistry keeps on having lecture in front of the class every day. They will never be motivated for they already know what will happen the moment their teacher enters the classroom. Because of the reason that chemistry has exciting and unique topics, a chemistry teacher must know how to properly teach the subject.

Below are stated ways that a teacher in chemistry must consider to have effective way in teaching chemistry.

  • Lecturing can also be done but not regularly. Try not to do it always. Make sure to just discuss important points to the class. Remember to have abundant discussion wherein there is collaboration between teachers and learners. Let the students express ideas and share t to the class. Avoid continuous talking and discussing in front of them without even giving student any single chance to recite and talk. Definitions of some terms can be the topics once discussing in the class.
  • Let the students be inspired in exploring the subject by letting them be challenged in creating effective and also eco-friendly solutions. Since the subject can teach students the proper way of creating solution.
  • Teach them in unique way the very common scientific method. Make every step of the method engaging for them to participate actively and effectively learning as well.
  • Chemical reaction is an exciting topic in chemistry. Let the students undergo experimental activities for them to experience and learn the real chemical reactions.
  • Create and supervise laboratory activities that will surely let the students have a hands-on experience about works in laboratory. Proper way of demonstrating the laboratory activities must also be observed.
  • Develop every student’s skill and knowledge by creating tasks that will make them utilize what they have learned from the subject. Provide them worthwhile activities that will help their progress about the subject every day. Those activities must be something worth engaging yet letting them learn from it.
  • Teachers must also have resources that will be very helpful in fulfilling the aim of educating learners about the subject. They must have those materials related to the subject, as well as tool and equipment that will be needed for laboratory activities and experiments.
  • Teaching chemistry can also include field trips or immersion in local community to help learners be aware of how chemistry works in real life application.

Teaching can be a very rewarding profession especially for those who really teach effectively. Teaching chemistry can be very effective once teacher know what and how to do things or routines inside or even outside the four corners of the room. Chemistry might be considered as complicated subject but having proper teaching strategies, learners will surely learn. Being an effective chemistry teacher will surely result to best learning environment, best learners and also best subject that students as well as teacher could ever have.

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