Teaching Geography

Among these many subjects, one interesting subject is the geography. This subject is also a field of science that focuses on the study of lands, its features, inhabitants as well as the phenomena of the world. Geography is also known as “the world discipline” and the one that bridges between physical science and human. It is also divided into two main branches namely human geography and physical geography. Nowadays, this subject is already considered as discipline that seeks to understand the whole world, its human and natural complexities and how it changes through the test of time.

Teaching geography is a challenging task for many geography teachers. It can be hard to teach the subject and avoid boredom in the class. The topics seem to be very uninteresting at first but with an effective way of teaching geography as well as effective teacher, the subject will really be interesting. There can be ways on how to effectively teach geography in unique and engaging way. There are strategies that will surely make learners think geographically. The following could give geography teachers ideas on how to teach the subject effectively.

  • Lessons in geography must be well understood and mastered by the teacher to avoid flaws and inconsistency of information or ideas being presented. Topics in this subject is said to be complex so it must be accurate once imparted to the learners.
  • Make several activities that will be helpful in teaching the key concepts of the subject. Avoid discussing too much in front instead create activities that will make them unravel the concept of the lesson.
  • Since the subject is the study of land including features, inhabitants and also phenomena, provide learners activities using maps or other materials related to the subject. Hands-on experience about the lesson will surely be of help in the learning of each student.
  • Consider giving students the chance to explore the subject by providing them with tasks that will enable them to collaborate with one another to come up a better result and learning. Topics in geography like discoveries can be a great example of engaging tasks.
  • Resources must always be up to date. Since we are in the fast changing world, no wonder that modernization can be affected by continuous change. Never let the students learn things that are already left behind.
  • Let them create researches that will answer both the questions where and why, for this are the fundamental questions in the subject geography. In this case, they will be exposed to the reality of the world as well as to the nature of the subject.
  • Technology can also be a great help for many teachers in teaching geography. Since technology is now invading the world, a touch of this in the subject will really be a great thing.
  • Bringing learners to the real scenario will be the best option for geography teachers. This will help students have genuine involvement about the topic. It is believed that learning by doing is the best.

Teaching geography is really not a thing to so. With the scope of the subject, teachers will really find it hard on how to properly inculcate and impart the lesson to the students. But with proper strategies and as well as implementation, teaching geography will be easier and will be in different way. Far from the very traditional way of teaching, ways stated above can greatly change student’s view about the subject. Many would appreciate the beauty and importance of the subject. Teaching geography to the learners is a rewarding task once fulfilled successfully.

Geography is a subject intended to make everyone aware about the world and its people. In this case, the subject can really influence learners the chance to understand the purpose of the relation of the earth to humanity. It is believed that humans are shaped by the environment in where they live in and so geography helps to have a better and deeper understanding about the matter. Teaching geography can also result for the learners to love their nation.

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