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Mathematics is one of the subjects that are being taught in many schools all over the world. This subject is simply known by many as something that deals with numbers. But Mathematics doesn’t only deal with numbers or quantity, but it also includes structure, space and range. There is said to be debate about the exact scope and definition of the said subject. But for many, mathematics is the process of resolving, formulating, measuring or calculating certain mathematical problems. This subject greatly helps individuals especially in everyday lives.

In teaching mathematics in any school or other form of educational institution, there are certain techniques that a teacher must consider to efficiently implement the topics of the subject. Many teachers in mathematics have hard time in terms on how to present topics that will not result for the students to be bored or to be afraid about the difficulty of the subject. Many believe that mathematics is a very hard subject to learn so teacher must really have the ability to make the topics lighter for learners to bear and easier for them to understand. There can be many easy and unique ways in teaching mathematics. Listed below can give teachers insights on how to perform teaching capably.

  • Motivation must always be considered by many mathematics teachers before starting any topics or lessons. Letting students know the importance and beauty of mathematics must be the first thing to do rather than bombarding them with difficult tasks to do.
  • Always remember not to present them abruptly with difficult exercises that will already make them hate the subject instead provide them with motivational activities like games that will lead to discovering the topic for the day.
  • Always consider learner’s needs and topics must be based on it. Teacher in mathematics must be aware of each student’s knowledge and abilities in terms of the subject.
  • Make use of easier logical concepts. If necessary, use the easiest formula than focusing on the most complicated one for it will just confuse many students.
  • Let them have activities that will make the discover something out of it. Do not always spoon-feed them for it will not have any good result at all. They will not have the chance of creating their own idea. There can be many exercises in mathematics that will make learners discover new ideas on their own.
  • Presenting them challenges can also be a help. Be careful to choose challenges. It must be something related and will lead about the topic for the day. It must also be within the ability of the learners.
  • Activities must not only be for specific learner. Teachers in mathematics can create collaborative tasks that will enable learners to share ideas with one another. In this case, they can have abundant of ideas that are beneficial for them.
  • Make the day interesting and exciting with the help of recreational activities like puzzles or games. Let them be involved with some manipulative skills.
  • Also, try to inspire students to love the subject by telling them successful stories related to the subject mathematics.
  • When having discussion, try to make everyone involve by using instructional materials like the use of technology, multimedia for example. Learners will more likely to focus once technology is of use.
  • Repetition of strategies might also be a great help.

Those techniques stated above can be of great help for many mathematics teachers in terms of teaching the subject effectively. Teaching mathematics is really a quite hard job to do but once teachers utilizes perfect strategies that will suit to the topics and to the learners need, it will surely be rewarding and worth all the effort done. Though there can be issues and problems that might come the way, excellent teacher together with strategies can solve it. Teaching is a matter of choosing best practice that will respond to the needs of the learners.

Mathematics, though sometimes hailed as hardest subject, can be very interesting and exciting once teacher knows how to properly execute the topics. This subject will turn into most beloved and favourite field to study if the teacher can have the ability to change the point of view of some learners who find the subject hard. Teaching mathematics needs a teacher as well as ways that will make a difference.

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