Teaching Physics

One of the many favourite subjects by many students is Physics. There can be many ways for teachers to do in teaching Physics. The way on how a teacher teaches is called as strategies or techniques.

But first of all what is Physics? Physics is one of the most popular subjects taught in many schools in the world. This subject is also known as “knowledge of nature”. It is a natural science that involves the study of matter together with its motion through space and time as well as related concepts like energy and force. Physics is said to be the general analysis of the nature or the study of how the universe behaves. This subject also has various branches. It aims to teach students the way how universe performs at the same time how it influences humanity.

What are the ways in teaching Physics efficiently?

  • It is believed that teaching concepts and ideas about the subject becomes meaningful once students are given the chance to actively engage in the discussion process. Teacher will just serve as the guide for learning and learners will come up with significant and lasting knowledge about the lesson.
  • Since there are some topics in Physics that are ambiguous, teacher must also allot time explaining it to the learner. Allow students to participate in the discussion by expressing their own ideas and opinions about the topics.
  • Physics also requires teacher to present activities first before explaining the whole content. In this manner, learners can have the ability to discover or unravel the connection of the activity to the topic for the day.
  • Always use concrete examples when explaining or demonstrating something. There are topics in Physics that really need to be tangible for the clearer and better understanding of the learners. It will avoid learners to imagine things that might cause to wrong ideas. Real models must be of use.
  • Provide learners with worthwhile activities in connection to the topic like games or puzzles. This will enable learners to be motivated and have more interest about the subject. Team working is also ideal providing learners the chance to work with others.
  • Let them also experience observing certain demonstrations about the subject and later let them do the activity by themselves. Physics has plenty of experimental activities that can be done by students in their classrooms to help them better understand the topic. Learning by doing can be applied in this subject.
  • Problem solving can also be one of the best strategies that Physics teacher can do to increase student’s learning. It really develops higher order thinking skills of every learner.
  • In modern days, never forget to integrate technology in teaching Physics. It will be very helpful and learners will surely learn from it. There are many strategies that can make use of technology thus making the discussion more interactive.
  • It is also helpful in teaching Physics for the teacher to have resources that suits the needs of learners. There must be adequate references that will serve as guide for teaching and learning and also tools and equipment for laboratory activities and tasks.
  • Assessing learners of how well and far they have learned can also be of help. The result of the assessment can be use whether to look for improvements or to continue to the next lesson.

With those strategies presented above, teaching Physics will be easier. It will serve as insights for many Physics teachers for them to successfully implement lesson thus making students adore the field. If a teacher is equipped with different teaching strategies and techniques, teaching Physics will be easier and farther from how traditional teaching was. These modern strategies must be acquired by teacher for them to effectively teach Physics. It also must be student-centered thus addressing the needs of the learners. Strategies must be something that is progressing and developing making every student as lifelong learners.

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