Teaching-learning process plays a very important role in the fulfillment of one’s success. Learning is said to be the process of acquiring knowledge or ideas while teaching is the process of imparting knowledge. This process will really influence both the learners and also the teachers. Learners will really learn if the teacher is effective enough in implementing and executing lessons. Teachers must be proficient about the profession. Since teaching is said to be the noblest profession, teachers must also create and apply excellent strategies that will develop every individual. Teachers are said to be the facilitator of one’s learning.

There are many fields that a learner must learn. In every field, there will be particular topics or lesson. These fields can contribute to the holistic development of learners. Many people found it hard learning one subject but others are having lighter feeling about another one. These can be the result of excellent teaching and also proper lesson implementing.

Teachers are very important in the learning environment. Nowadays, they are said to be the facilitator of learning. They are the one supervising learners to acquire knowledge and skill needed by every individual. Since education is very important, teachers are too. They play a very important role in the life of every learner. They are the one who are into instructing learners and imparting them information and ideas. Learning environment will never be complete without having teacher in the classroom. There are still factors that will complete the whole learning of the learners. Subjects are also factors that contribute to the completeness of student’s learning.

Subjects are those fields of specializations that are particularly studied by students and taught by teachers. There are many subjects in modern education. Subjects may vary depending on the curriculum of the country.

Education is very important to many people. It is said to be the key to one’s success. Education is very important to everyone for it will be the treasure they will possess for the rest of their lives. Being educated is an edge in achieving success in life.  An individual must be equipped with ideas and information that will help him or her in attaining a goal in life.

The process of teaching will result to better learning. Teaching is said to be the process of educating individuals or the method of imparting knowledge or skill. It is also the process of instructing learners on how to do things properly and sharing them the ideas that they need. In teaching, there are many fields of specializations. Each field focuses on specific knowledge.

Teaching is a profession that many would want to practice. Though many have the ideas that it is really hard to educate individuals, still many are into choosing teaching as their profession. Teachers are those persons behind the teaching profession.

Teaching is the process of imparting and sharing knowledge to learners, making them aware about the world, educating and instructing them and going through the learner’s journey to success. Individual may never learn effectively without the process of teaching, though many also believed that even without teacher an individual may learn. But we cannot deny the fact that teacher is really needed to fulfill the goal of attaining wisdom.

Teaching doesn’t only focus in one field. There are many specializations in terms of teaching. These specializations can also be referred as subjects. In modern education, many subjects are taught to the learners.

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