UK Secondary Schools

Schools are said to be the second home for many students. It is said to be the institution that develops learners academically and also in some other aspects. It is a place designed for teaching students under the help of teachers. School names vary depending on where country it is situated. Almost every country has schools. It includes primary schools which are intended for young children and a secondary school for those teenagers that have completed the primary education. Secondary schools provide learners secondary education. It must be completed before going to higher education. Estimated ages of students in secondary schools are between 11-16 years old, but this can still varies.

United Kingdom is one among many countries that has many secondary schools. There are said to be two kinds of schools in this country, the state-funded and independent or privately funded schools. The latter is the term used for public schools. State-funded schools are occupied by almost ninety percent of British students and it follows their so called “national curriculum” having science, mathematics and English as their fundamental subjects. Independent schools or public schools are allowed to set their own curricula. These schools are funded by student fees and those interests earned from school investments. In UK, there are many secondary schools that offer quality services in secondary education.

Secondary education in this country is an addition of another four to six years. Those that completed primary education are legally required to attend secondary education in this country. Compulsory education is observed in United Kingdom known as “lower secondary”. Once students completed the lower secondary, they are given chance to whether start jobs or continue to the so called “upper secondary” which will be their preparations for entering universities or tertiary education. Secondary schools in UK educate children almost from all over the world. Many top ranking secondary schools in UK have very competitive and high standards entrance requirements thus having very limited slots. These schools are said to be very selective and they only choose those that are the highest achievers.

Secondary schools in United Kingdom are mainly concerned about student’s discipline as well as training. They are very strict in terms of school uniforms, requires having tutorials at night and observing proper sleeping habits. Every class can be comprised of usually more than 20 students. School entrance requirements include English proficiency limit and age really matters. They focus more on physical as well as spiritual development. There is also the so called hall of residence wherein students are required there as their accommodation requirement.

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