Top Secondary Schools

Secondary schools in United Kingdom also undergo ranking to see whether which schools performs the best. Rankings of schools are also done to help students as well as parents to decide what school to choose. But sometimes ranking might not be the only reason for students to choose. There can still be many factors to be considered in choosing the best secondary schools. It includes location, access to professors, course content and value for money. Some of the famous secondary schools in United Kingdom are listed below.

  • Bromsgrove School –This school was founded in 1553 and is said to be a co-educational independent school and also boarding school in the Worcestershire town of Bromsgrove, England. The motto of this school is DEO REGI VICINO or when translated in English it means “For God, for King, for Neighbour”. This school offers a home, not just a mere place to sleep after work. It has important values and structures shared by all. Their place also has resident house parents and also a dedicated tutor team, excellently doing their duties. This school is also open during weekends. Students are safe for it has team of nurses too that are under control by the School Doctor that provides medical care. There are also good chefs that prepare the meals of students every day. The school also has facilities and human resources that will surely help the development of every learner.
  • Monkton Combe School – This is one among the many boarding secondary schools in the United Kingdom. It is an independent and co-educational senior school with junior department or a prep school. It provides high standards in life particularly in education. It helps the students to possess qualities of character that they need to become what they want to be in the future. It has broad and varied curriculum that make the school produce outstanding exam results. This school will surely be a help for students to fulfill their academic potential.
  • Sidcot School – Another independent secondary school in UK that provides high quality education. In this school, students work hard and achieve excellent results. It helps every student to develop better understanding of themselves and about their society. The school has qualities that prove their success in academics. This school really has the ability to produce outstanding learners.

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